How does Pay Per Click – Google Adwords – Work

Nearly every client we speak with wants to get more business and whenever we bring up Google Adwords the next questions is more often than not what’s that?

Google Adwords is a fantastic marketing tool for “most” businesses to try.

I say most, as there are cases – like with all marketing – that it just does not work well for some.

But let’s keep it moving.

Google adwords is what you call Pay Per Click advertising, so if you look at the image below you can see the top listings they are Google ads. And that real estate is very valuable. As it is the first things prospective clients see when they do a search for businesses like yours.

Online marketing Spas & Salons

And where in most marketing you have to pay upfront to be seen, heard before any engagement, but with Google ads the great thing is you are not paying to be there.

Nope, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Which is great; think about it for a second. This person has looked up a business term for your location and is looking for a solution to their needs. And wollah up comes your ad. Brilliant!

Now when it comes to “how much do you pay”, that is different for every different business and every different location. And is determined basically by the amount of competition in that area.

The good news is though you can set daily budgets and restrictions so you have so much control with Google ads (only if set up correctly, I have had people take it on themselves only to blow up a lot of money…).

So once you set the budget you also set up ads and your bid price, Google give you ideas on how much to bid for to get to the top of the page, and you definitely want to be up the top. In that regard it is a bit like an auction, so you adjust your bid price till you get to the position you want to be.

Google also gives you so many good metrics, so you can see exactly how often your ad gets clicked and how many times your ad has been displayed. And for those that want to get super savvy, you can see the location of the people who clicked, the time, the device and a whole lot more.

As you can probably tell, I am pretty passionate about Adwords, also because it is so fast, you can be on the top of Google within 48 hours of launching a campaign. It’s great! And you have so much control, unlike most marketing.

So if you want to get more clients for your business, I encourage you to consider Google Adwords. If you want to schedule in a call with one of our team to see if it can work for your business send us an email or give us a call .