Can I switch between packs?

Yes, you can. If you run a Traffic Pack and decide you no longer want to do Google Adwords for what ever reason, you can simply switch to the web packages to our marketing packages, that way if you want to test some marketing to get more clients you can without having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. Simply just a matter of letting us know before your next payment is scheduled.

What’s the catch?

So we hear you, most of our clients ask how we can design, build and service you each month for no upfront costs and small monthly fees. Good question.

But there is no catch. You can seriously cancel at any time.

Do I keep the website if I cancel a web package?

If you wish to cancel your package within 12 months and take the website to another web host then you can keep the website. However, there will be a $1,450 + GST payment required. If after 12 months you want to keep the website then there will be a $795 + GST payment required.

Can I cancel the packs and still stay with your company for hosting?

Yes, you will still need to pay the required payment for the website and then start our monthly hosting fee which is $24.95 + GST.

Why so cheap?

Well we believe that gone are the days when you need to spend thousands on a professionally designed website are mandatory. And we wanted to give tradies a real simple cost effective way to get online.

So where we lose the money of charging our clients thousands of dollars up front, we gain more clients and over time we will recoup our costs.

How does the web design process work and how long?

We send you a basic questionnaire and from there we design a website based on the information you have provided. Basically, we are using our marketing and design expertise to create your website so you can confidently get on with your business.

The average time is 3-4 weeks from sign up to live, but it really depends on the speed at which the clients come back to us with feedback. We have had websites live within 2 weeks and some clients taking months, but the average is 3-4 weeks. 

What if I have a domain name, can I use it?

Yes, you can use your domain name for these packages, we will simply repoint it to our web hosting platform.

Do I get emails with my package?

Yes, if you have a new web package and want a domain related email address ie: etc we do set those up. You can have 10 set up in your package. 

I have website hosting can I use that?

No. Due to the fact we are doing all the work with no upfront charges, we need to control the website.

With the web package when does the monthly payment start?

The monthly payment starts as soon as you sign up and comes out every 30 days.

What if I use more than 30 minutes of website maintenance?

If you go over your 30 minutes allowance of web maintenance in a month you will be charged at our special members rate of $80 + GST per hour (Comparative industry rate $120 + GST) in 15 minute lots.